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Cancellation & Refund Policy

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Kindly read the below cancellation policy carefully.
« Cancellation policy of Royal India Travel may differ for different services we provide. For example, policies and term of use for domestic and international tours are different.
« Users can terminate their tickets online at our company's website. The procedure of cancellation may take time so users are requested to have patience.
« Company has the right to cancel any of the ticket if any kind of illegal activity or mess is found in the documents submitted.
« If the user terminate the booking or do not take the benefits of the product or service after crossing the deadline as specified, minimum amount of fine may be charged from them.
« If someone had paid the full package price and in case he cancels it with no specific reason, the company is obliged to charge some fine as we have to pay our travel service providers.
« In case of any damage or loss during termination of the bookings through our website we are not bound to compensate for it.

Refund policy
Bookings and purchasing allowance will be given according to the refund policy. Following are the refund policy of the company

Air tickets invalidation may consume time around 30-45 working days.
« Air tickets invalidation may consume around 30 to 45 working days. It is mandatory to contact company for refund of flight tickets charges and we will route the airlines for refund.
« In case of luxury bus booking cancellation- Company has two options for it. If you want cash for the cancellation of the tickets, you can cancel it through our site by just clicking cancel button. You will get an email from company or you can call our customer care number and take help from our executives. It can take around 3-4 days for processing. The other option is a cash coupon will be given instead of refunding the money. In this case if you plan your trip again you can get the bookings easily by showing this coupon.
« Cancellation of hotel bookings may consume 10-15 working days. In case you have not contacted to the hotel selected by you within time, hotel bookings will be cancelled automatically and our company is not obligated for any compensation. Please note that changes in the cancellation policies may also occur time to time.

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