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Andaman Nicobar Tour Package

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Andaman Nicobar Tour Package

You must go Andaman and Nicobar island to make your holidays Royal and exceptional. It is center of stunning beaches, exotic cruise and marvelous picturesque, cool and pleasant ambience all over the year. Andaman & Nicobar Island is encircled with approx 572 islands and it is called 'city of Island', so take a trip to the place that is blessed with divined beauty. Andaman Island is a peninsula in India’s Bay of Bengal. Among 572 islands, 300 islands are known for mangroves jungles interiors, palm-lined milky- sand beaches etc. It is totally covered with coral reefs that are backing marine life including ray & sharks. You can enjoy activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, water skiing and fishing, also enjoy Oceanside camping & hiking. This island is the perfect getaway for the lavish and everlasting memorable holidays. Andaman is the only place that looks reformed from all sides, it looks super cool from sky when you explore it via helicopter and seems stunning from land. It is the best gift to humans when you indulge with aerial view of Andaman Island. Best time to visit the island is from October to May. Major alluring destinations of the island are:

Have Lock Island (Radhanagar beach)- Havelock Island is the best island of Andaman & Nicobar. It has plenty of world class beaches that makes the holidays charming and delightful. One of them is Radhanagar beach, which is considered as one of the Asia's best beaches. If you are lucky with weather then see the lovely purple exquisite sunset. You will love to see white sand, turquoise light blue water with silence and serenity which defines this splendid landmass.

Ross Island- It is 2 km away from Port Blair, the capital of Andaman & Nicobar and it’s a beautiful place to know about the history. Indian Navy controls this island and it was developed as a unique township in British time. You will see the ashes of old era buildings, pool and troop Barracks, foundations of British time churches, mansions and several other places of that time. Behind the island, you will see lovely open sea, enjoy & spend time with cool breeze and amazing sea view.

Neil Island (Laxmanpur beach)- After Havelock and Ross Island, Neil Island is another delicate island to visit. You will get some famous beaches which are blessed by natural beauty; one of them is Laxmanpur beach. Its sand is full of shells and dead corals. Couples love long evening walks here and also impress with the sunset view.

Mount Harriet national park (Port Blair)- If you are bored of seeing several beaches during your tour then you must visit this place. It is second highest and easy access peak of Andaman & Nicobar. You will see the awesome views of sunrise and Andaman Sea all over it.

There are only two options of travelling to this place by ship or you can take flight also to Port Blair.