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Dubai Tour Package

When you will enter this beautiful and amazing city you will just say wow, it is the city which forces world to applause on its ultramodern and unique architecture. Dubai is the city in United Arab Emirates which attracts people by luxury shopping, unusual unique architecture and night life scene which gives you live feeling. You will love everything about it like people with sober attitude, cleanness, camel rides, belle dance and much more. 

Diversity of culinary landscapes which expresses itself in music, performance and trend, being rooted with Islam it has still an open society where everyone can visit and connect with incalculable experiences such as dancing on beach, shopping for local art, eating-chewing etc. Dubai always surprises with its special charm, it will fascinate you with its optimism, energy, behavior and frankness of the people. The city has magnificent unparallel society which had given birth to world’s tallest building, a peninsula structured like a palm tree, a vast separate ski paradise etc. 

Dubai not just amazes people with its remarkable architecture but it also has world’s fastest roller coaster, it is the only city which hosts two large shopping festivals. Give yourself a royal treat with elegant "Dubai Tour Package" of Burj Khalifa- The longest tower of world and also known as Dubai tower, it is one of the miraculous man made art that made world amaze. At night it gives excellent lights panoramas & on the ground, the building has gracefully designed gardens with windy walkways. World's tallest dancing fountain is modeled as Las Vegas featured here. People come here for seeing amazing scenes and views from all around the world. 

Burj Al Arab- After longest tower in world, Burj Al Arab is other longest hotel in the city. It is unique hotel which is located in Dubai coastline. It is not just a hotel it is the emblem of modern Dubai. Must go for underwater Al- Mahara-Restaurant and pamper yourself with the stunning floor to ceiling, glass panel dining room and delve into astonishing sea views while eating. Dubai Museum- The museum with historical and ancient infrastructures is located in Al-Fahidi Fort was built in 1787 to protect Dubai creek. The museum reveals the history about the city. 

Palm Jumeirah- The Island has everything what you desire like luxury hotels, famous shopping malls, marvelous architect, camel ride etc. Relax and immerse with extreme leisure and entertainment. Tourists love sunsets and sunrise, relaxation in spa, pool and gardens with the variety of cuisine in different restaurants here. Apart from the places mentioned above Dubai has several unusual and marvelous spots such as Dubai mall, Dubai creek, Ski Dubai, Global Village and many other places.