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International Tours

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International Tours

International Tours give a chance to apprise with different countries, people of different races, know about their history, different cultures, languages and different cuisines of the world. A holiday throughout the world is every traveler’s dream and holidays in abroad with loved ones areno doubt an unexpected and unforgettable memory. International Holiday Packagesare the best way to explore the world with comfort and hassle free travel.Travelling to the magnetic places of the world is not just a holiday tour but it is a peace for soul and mind and an experience that cannot be matched. Withthis excursion you will have such experiences that you had never seen before.Book your Holiday Package for any of these top International destinations:

Dubai- This is the city which always charms the world withits ultramodern and remarkable architectures. This UAE city is located on thesoutheast coast of Persian Gulf. It is known for its warm hospitality, richcultural heritage. You will love the cleanness of the city. Things to enjoy here are belly dance, camel ride, cruise, and visit Burj Khalifa, the longest tower of the world also known as Dubai tower.

Singapore- It is an island city-state of southern Malaysia. In terms of area this city is very small. It is one of the top 10 most beautiful cities in the world; tourists can enjoy sightseeing and wholeyear celebrations of different festivals. Its 'Changi' airport got the award for its greenery you would love to walk here; it is good to use publictransportation instead of using car or cab. Enjoy the world’s highest flyerride in Singapore.

Thailand- It is in the heart of Southeast Asia Indochina Peninsula and popularly known for its tropical beaches, various types of body massage luxurious royal places & ancient foundations and amazing images of Buddha.

Bangkok- This city has got the honor to be longest namedcity. It has around one dozen of canals and its buildings standing on pyramids.It is also famous as "city of angels" and it impresses the travelers through nightlife scene at khasan road and Patpong. Spend the time away from city’shustle-bustle at Rama IX and Chatuchak park the two largest parks in the city.

Malaysia- You will love Malaysia the more you know aboutit. It is the place where different religions of people live together and peacefully. It is mostly known for its beaches and rainforests. Tourists can go for exploring Petronas Tower also known as twin tower, Bukit Bintang, Gulung Mulu national park and many more other places.

Europe- One of the royal tours is to go Europe. If you are planning for Europe you are going to pamper yourself with the best vacation, so give yourself a lavish and royal treatment. See the magnificent mountains, sunsoaked vines, sailing and eat fresh tasty food. From London in England and Paris in France to Rome in Italy and Vienna in Austria, the continent is home to numerous destinations, which are part of the wish list of travelers around the globe. In short trip to Europe will give you countless experiences.Shopaholics would love to shop in Paris, Milan, London, Rome, Barcelona,Madrid, Vienna, Athens, Lisbon, Zurich and Glasgow, to name a few. 

So enjoy seeing the new world, delight yourself away from country and make exceptional memories with friends or family. Several destinations in the world will make your tour mellifluous and spectacular. You can enjoy the tour at its best and make it royal and exceptional with International Tour Package of Royal India Travel.