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River Rafting Packages

Rafting is the most prominent excursion of life; this magnificent sport relishes you with energy. Rafting in accordant ambience of cool, giddy water of Ganga can charge your restless life. In this cutting edge world body & mind often need some peace and rest. Take a savor ride in the mild climate of Rishikesh and Manali. Join the jaunt of this adventurous tour and hike towards marvelous destination of rafting. Before going for this phenomenal act, everyone must know it’s always executed with attendant risk and can cause some dreadful effect. But don’t worry and follow the instructions of your guide so that you can take pleasure of the ride. It refreshes your mind and gives you the feeling of meditation. It is a feeling which you had never been before. River rafting should attempt by every person once in their life. In India there are several rivers for rafting. You can go for this water sport activity via royalindia.travel. We will provide the best services and make the tour extraordinary. Beginners can also go for this sport so if you are afraid because you don't know swimming then feel the experience and try once to overcome from your fear. Royal India travel provides rafting at two most dignified destinations.

Rafting at river Ganga (Rishikesh)-The River Ganga is worshipped by Indians and its water is used to pure the homes and soul. You can call her the living goddess of the country. It is on the top between all rivers in India. The history behind its creation reveals the story of Indian culture and civilization. Ganga river basin is the largest river system in the world. Ganga itself is a life savior which provides water for cooking, bathing, producing crops etc. Rafting at Ganga River is just icing on the cake. 

Rafting at Manali- Manali boasts to adventure destination of India. It is the perfect breakthrough from all your worries. Enjoy the Mystique Mountains with absolute weather in this ultimate harbor. Rafting in the cool water within the picturesque mountains is enough to entice anyone. 

How it is executed- You have to sit in a rubber boat and use a raft to navigate the rough water. Before trying the activity check your protection suit properly. Always follow instructions of your guide.