Trekking In Himalayas

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Trekking In Himalayas

Himalayas is famous for its largest mountain ranges. Whenyou will start exploring Himalayas you will fall in love with its charismaticbeauty. Snow coated high peaks and beautiful landscapes are most alluringfeatures of this place. Himalayas is not just a mountain range especially forIndians, it is a holy area where numerous pilgrim sites are also located.  Holy rivers like Ganga and Yamuna flow fromHimalayas which are the lifeline of India. People of India have so much respectfor the mountain range, as it is life savior for them. In the absence ofHimalayas India would have been a desert bare of the rain. It protected thecountry from cold air masses coming from central Asia.

It is favorite tourist place for honeymooncouples, family lovers. Not just the Indians, foreigners also chose India astheir favorite place to spend their quality time. Over the years, the countryis becoming the desired place for adventure and sport lovers. One of the mostlovable adventures is trekking and if you are choosing this trekking nothingcan better than Himalayas.

Himalayas with its various trekking destinations attracts trekkersfrom around the world. Apart from trekking numerous other adventurous sportsare also experienced in Himalayas like river rafting, paragliding,mountaineering, skiing etc. It has the best glaciers for trekking. Trekkinghere is the life changing experience; some of the glaciers are good forbeginners. So if you are trying trek for first time you don't need to worry.The feeling of closeness of mountains is connecting directly to the nature. Soif you are bored from your daily routine, want to get away of the stressfullife and daily humdrum then enjoy the trek at Himalayas and nourish your soulwith experience that will give you adrenaline rush. 

Himalayas provides thefresh and pure air which refreshes your mind. Also walking in the woods andmountains is the good exercise with it’s up and down ways which helps you stayfit and healthy. You will also get to see the dazzling stars which shine athigher elevation; the view at night is majestic and breathtaking. Best time togo for trekking in Himalayas is from early March to June and after that in theOctober-November.  “Trekking in Himalayas”package with Royal India Travel has the best deal for you if you are willing totrek in Himalayas.